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Please submit your abstracts of about 150 words (summarizing the planned presentation) as Latex file via conftool by (extended deadline!) May 20, 2019. Those who submit already by March 20 can expect acceptance notification by March 31. To facilitate preparing the book of abstracts please only use the Latex template and take into account the following:

  • Do not use any special style files
  • The abstract should not list or contain any references
Notification of accepted abstracts: March 31 (only for early submissions)

Conference Proceedings Volume

A conference proceedings volume of selected and peer-reviewed papers will be negotiated with Springer.
To guarantee timeliness publication of this volume we expect the full papers to be submitted to the SPC no later than December 16, 2019 to
Jürgen Pilz (

Sessions (see also the final program)
Session Organizer
Plenary Session I, Key Note Speaker: Edgar Brunner (Germany)
Plenary Session II, Key Note Speaker: Gerd Antes (Germany)
Plenary Session III, Key Note Speaker: Regina Liu (USA)
Plenary Session IV, Key Note Speaker: Christian Robert (France, UK)
Plenary Session V, Key Note Speaker (Friday, 6 Sep): Holger Dette (Germany)
Advances in Dependence Modelling and Copulas Wolfgang Trutschnig (Austria) and Fabrizio Durante (Italy)
Optimal Designs in Mixed Models Maryna Prus (Germany)
Data Generation Assisted Inference Regina Liu (USA)
Statistical Design and Analysis of Experiments Subir Ghosh (USA)
Functional Time Series Siegfried Hörmann (Austria)
Optimal Design of Experiments Victor Manuel Casero Alonso (Spain)
Experimental Design Roberto Fontana (Italy)
Experimental Design and Application Karl Moder (Austria)
Inference for Complex Multivariate Designs - Enhanced Procedures and open questions I Arne Bathke (Austria)
Inference for Complex Multivariate Designs - Enhanced Procedures and open questions II Markus Pauly (Germany)
Statistical Learning - Methods and Applications I Jürgen Pilz (Austria)
Statistical Learning - Methods and Applications II Michael G. Schimek (Austria)
Nonparametric Statistics and New Technologies Michael G. Schimek (Austria)
Functional Data Alexander Meister (Germany)
Recent Developments in Survival Analysis Marieluisa Restaino (Italy) and Hongsheng Dai (UK)
Statistics in Demography Richard Gisser und Maria Rita Testa (Austria)
Recent Advances on Modelling and Analysis of Geostatistical Data Victor De Oliveira (USA)
Spatial Stochastic Modeling and Simulation in Materials Science and Engineering Volker Schmidt (Germany)
Environmental Statistics Gunter Spöck (Austria)
Likelihood-free Statistical Design and Inference Werner Müller (Austria)
Statistical Selection Procedures and Multiple Comparison Dieter Rasch (Austria)
Analytical and Numerical Methods in Statistics Dieter Schott (Germany)
Big Data Analytics / High Dimensional Data Analysis S. Ejaz Ahmed (Canada)
Algebraic Methods in Computational Biology Ruriko Yoshida (USA)
Forensic Statistics Christopher Saunders (USA)
Statistical Challenges in Neurology Yvonne Höller (Iceland)
Recent Advances in Modelling Techniques and Hypothesis Testing Problems Ilia Vonta (Greece)
Asymptotic Analysis and Simulation of Complex Stochastic Evolutionary Systems I Larisa Afanaseva (Russia)
Asymptotic Analysis and Simulation of Complex Stochastic Evolutionary Systems II Ekaterina Bulinskaya (Russia)
Asymptotic Analysis and Simulation of Complex Stochastic Evolutionary Systems III Elena Yarovaya (Russia)
Free Contributed Papers (20 min.) The chairmen of the SPC
Student Poster Session Cami Fuglsby (USA)

Scientific Program Commitee


Jürgen Pilz

Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt


Viatcheslav Melas

Saint Petersburg State University


Dieter Rasch

BoKu Wien

A. Androv (Latvia) Valery Federov (USA) Werner Müller (Austria)
Anthony Atkinson (UK) Jesus Lopez Fidalgo (Spain) Valery Nevzorov
Rosa Arboretti (Italy) Nancy Flournoy (USA) Markus Pauly (Germany)
Arne Bathke (Austria) Subir Ghosh (USA) Andrey Pepeleyshev (UK)
N. Balakrishnan (Canada) Marie Huskova (Czech) Fortunato Pesarin (Italy)
Michel Broniatowski (France) MaPaz Linares (Spain Luigi Salmaso (Italy)
Ekaterina Bulinskaya (Russia) Gennady Mikhailov (Russia) Rainer Schwabe (Germany)
Esteve Sodina (Spain) Simos Meintanis (Greece) John Stufken (USA)
Holger Dette (Germany) Alexander Meister (Germany) Bruno Tuffin (France)
Clemens Draxler (Austria) Karl Moder (Austria) Dariusz Ucinski (Poland)
Sergei Ermakov (Russia) Toni Monleon (Spain) Estevan Vetgas (Spain)
Henry Wynn (UK) Lidia Montero (Spain) Michael G. Schimek (Austria)
Yvonne Höller (Iceland)