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Examples for the Flexible Elective Module (EM 7)
An elective module needs to have a least 10 ECTS. For the details, see the curriculum (link below). You may propose your own elective module, but here are some valid possibilities that have already been approved. If they show more than 10 ECTS, you can choose subsets of courses amounting to at least 10 ECTS.
Note that not all of the listed examples are necessarily in English. Please consult with the teaching faculty before signing up in order to clarify in which language they are offered. Also, unless the class is "VO", there may be limits on the number of people who can participate.

Numerical Mathematics

405.100 UV Wissenschaftliches Rechnen, 5 ECTS
405.120 VO Numerische Mathematik, 5 ECTS
405.121 UE Numerische Mathematik, 5 ECTS

Philosophy of Science

296.451 VO Logik 1: Aussagenlogik, 4 ECTS
296.652 VO Methodologie der Wissenschaften, 4 ECTS
296.452 VO Logik 2: Prädikatenlogik, 4 ECTS
296.252 VO Wissenschaftstheorie, 3 ECTS


296.451 VO Logik 1: Aussagenlogik, 4 ECTS
296.453 UE Logik 1: Aussagenlogik, 4 ECTS
296.452 VO Logik 2: Prädikatenlogik, 4 ECTS
296.462 UE Logik 2: Prädikatenlogik, 4 ECTS

Information Law

101.222 SE IT-Recht und Rechtsinformatik, 5 ECTS
101.162 UV Computer- und Online-Strafrecht, 2 ECTS
101.045 VO Privates Informatikrecht, 3 ECTS
101.320 UV Datenbankrecherche, 4 ECTS

Digital Communication
(please contact Mag. Boris Romahn before registering for any of the following classes, due to their limited capacity)

One of the following
641.065 SE Vernetzte Singularisierung, 6 ECTS
641.066 SE Political Economy of Digital Peer Production, 6 ECTS
641.067 SE Digitalisierung und Mediensozialisationsforschung, 6 ECTS

And one of the following
641.055 UE Creative Industries, 4 ECTS
641.069 PR Die Videokonferenz als zentrales Kommunikationstool während der Pandemie, 6 ECTS
641.076 PR Webproduktion, 6 ECTS


640.150 VU Biologische Psychologie, 6 ECTS
640.100 VO Kognitive Psychologie, 7 ECTS
640.701 VO Wirtschaftspsychologie, 3 ECTS
425.050 VO Sozialpsychologie, 3 ECTS
840.001 VO Höhere Statistik & Wissenschaftstheorie, 2 ECTS

Biology and Ecology

665.022 PS Presentation of Current Topics in Molecular and Cellular Biology, 4 ECTS
BUB.012 VO Zellbiologie und Genetik, 2 ECTS
630.106 VO Biochemie, 3 ECTS
630.109 VO Biophysikalische Chemie, 1.5 ECTS
230.326 UV Gebundenes Wahlmodul III Spezielle Themen der Ökologie- Gemeinschaftsökologie, 6 ECTS


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Admissions Department, University of Salzburg

Regarding administrative questions:
Andrea Baumgartner, Office, Department of Artificial Intelligence and Human Interfaces,

Questions regarding prerequisites, curricular matters, and PhD studies:
Arne Bathke, Director, Curricular Committee, Data Science,

Regarding the student side of the Master studies, student life in Salzburg and other questions:
The team of Data Science Graduate Student Representatives,

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